Mar 30, 2011

Rod Works Ladies Night

I found another Ladies Night event this weekend at Rod Works! If you haven't heard of the decor company before, click here to read a previous post about them. Almost all of the Rod Works franchises are in Utah so this is a Utah event. The flyer below will show you other specials that are good until this Saturday as well.

Girls Night Out- April 2nd, 6-9 pm
Doors close at 5:45 and reopen at 6
Fun games, prizes, and treats!
20% off all regular priced in-stock items


Mar 29, 2011

Ladies Night Events this Weekend

Ladies nights and events are one of my favorite things about General Conference time in Utah. Since the LDS conference is held twice a year, we are lucky to have 2 ladies nights in correspondence with conference. You don't have to be a Mormon to attend any of the events, just a lady! Click here to view all of the Deseret Book locations. The other Ladies Night events though, are exclusive to Utah.

There are a few different places that hold Ladies Night Events and I have found two so far. I've listed them below so you can hopefully attend one. I've posted a picture of Heather Beers and I, who appeared a few years ago at Deseret Book's ladies night. I used to be obsessed with her movie Charly,so my sister took a picture of us together and I was so excited I started to cry (how embarrassing!). Each Desert Book has different appearances and events. Roberts hosts a Ladies night too, which I've never attended, but I'm going to this year!

Roberts Ladies Night:
All Utah Roberts Arts & Crafts Locations
Saturday April 2nd, 5-9 pm
Free Demos, Make-N-Take, and Prize Giveaways Every Half Hour!

Deseret Book Ladies Night: 
All Deseret Book Locations
Saturday April 2nd, 6-8 pm
20% off regular price items
Drawings, prizes, refreshments, free scripture plaque for first 100 ladies-Joshua 24:15, and entertainment at select locations!
**See your local Deseret Book for more details

I really enjoy going every year and look forward to conference time so I can attend these events. If you are trying to get a plaque, you'll need to arrive about an hour early to stand in line but it's worth it if you're in good company! I'll be on the lookout for any other ladies night events and let you know if I find anything else! Hope you can go and enjoy this semi-annual tradition of mine!


Free Sample of Fred's Diapers

If you have a child in diapers or one of the way, click here to sign up for 2 free diapers. Great for adding to your stock, or for those emergencies when you're out and about. Limit one per household and allow 6-8 weeks for arrival. Sign up before all the free samples are gone!

Thanks Free Sample Freak!


NoMoreRack Referral=Free Makeup

A few weeks ago, I posted about a website called NoMoreRack offering free handbags, for referring your friends to their website. They have another promotion for referring your friends to their website, this time for free makeup. Remember, you and your friends don't have to buy anything just register at the website.  In fact, you and your friends will get a $10 credit just for signing up! This special lasts for the next 60 hours (3/31) so jump on this offer if you want to get enough referrals in time. Once you register for the website, you can see how many referrals you need to earn designer makeup. The first and lowest amount are 7 friends for a lip fusion lipgloss. Here are the instructions below:
  1. Get your referral link from your NoMoreRack profile
  2. Send the link to your friends and family via e-mail, facebook, twitter, etc.
  3. Rack up your referral friend count by getting everyone to sign up to nomorerack using your referral link and track it on the website.
  4. Submit your order for your favorite Designer Makeup!
Click here to get started!


Free Flix Sticks Sample and Coupon

Click here to sign up for your free sample and coupon. Remember there is usually a limit of one per household.

Thanks Free Sample Freak!


Decor-Glass Vases

I've been trying to step up my decorating style lately and have noticed huge glass vases in my favorite stores. I went to Tai Pan Trading and purchased two large vases. I had a 20% off coupon so they weren't too expensive, at about $18-30. I would suggest purchasing 2-3 depending on the space in your home to decorate.

Okay, once you've got the vases you'll need a few accessories to decorate it with. I would suggest ribbon or tool to tie around the neck of the vase. The funnest part is filling your vase with items/decorations. Be creative! You can use just about anything around your house or at the store. For Valentines I purchased sequined hearts from Tai Pan and filled them in the vase. For Easter I filled mine with plastic Easter eggs and "grass". Here are examples of how I decorated mine for Valentines Day and Spring.

The great thing about vases are they are elegant and light. You can't go wrong with decorating vases because they are so versatile. You can fill them with real flowers, fake flowers, pebbles and a candle, Easter eggs, candy, and so many other things! Do you have any great ideas to share? Have you already decorated a vase and would like to share? Send it to me and I'll share your decoration on my blog to share with everyone!


Mar 28, 2011

Aveeno Hair Care Free Sample

If you'd like a free sample of Aveeno Hair Care and coupon, click here to sign up. Just fill out some basic contact information and hair type information. You should receive your free sample within 8-10 weeks.

As a reminder, it's usually a good idea to use an alternate or sample/freebie email, when providing your email address. I have one just set aside, so that my personal email does not get too cluttered. Just a thought! :)


Mar 25, 2011

Free Pouch of Uncle Ben's Ready Rice

If you would like a full-size sample of Uncle Ben's click here. Once the page loads, scroll down until you see Uncle Ben's Ready Rice pouch. Click on the underlined "click here". The page will reload and have a request form. Just enter your name, address, and email. Please allow 6-8 weeks for deliverey and remember 1 freebie per household.


BIC Soleil Sunny Moments House Party

House Party is offering a BIC Soleil Sunny Moments House Party on June 4th. If you are selected the party you'll be given the change to do a fun scrapbooking activity and learn about the BIC Soleil 100 Days of Sunny Momements promotion. If you haven't heard of House Party before, click here to learn more.

If selected to host you will receive:
  • 3-pack of BIC Soleil razors
  • Coupon for BIC Soleil razors
  • USB bracelet to store digital photos
  • Colorful scrapbooking carry-all
  • Summer-themed scrapbook pages and stickers
  • BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers
For Your Guests:
  • BIC Soleil razor
  • Coupon for BIC Soleil razors
  • Colorful scrapbooking carry-all
  • Summer-themed scrapbook pages and stickers
Click here to apply for this fun party. I would love to be selected for this one, I love scrapbooking and could use my cricut expression at the party! Good luck :)

Try Size 3 Diapers for Free

This is a company I've never tried before, due to not having kids. However, I trust the blogger who posted this and would like to share it with you. The company name is Arquest, a manufacturer of store band diapers. Periodically they do diaper studies in which they send you free diapers with a questionnaire to fill out. They will call you about a week after the study to get your opinion and after a month you will receive a check to compensate you for your time. Word is the amount is usually $10 :)
The current study is looking for parents with a child in size 3 diapers. Your child should weight 16-28 pounds and wear diapers day and night. To get started, just email Arquest at Provide the following information in your email or you can just call 1-888-342-7372 and use extension 662.
Thanks Mamas on a Dime!

Free Jeans size 8-28

This is an awesome freebie! Free jeans from All You, sizes 8-28. This is brought to you by Reality Checker, a organization for women, where tips and advice are shared. This includes money savers, recipes, coupons, health and fitness, style tips, etc. If you aren't already a member, click here to sign up as a Reality Checker, it's free!

Once you are signed up, you can click here to sign up for the free jean opportunity. Answer a few questions and then you will be notified within 2 weeks if you were selected. You must be 18 years or older to sign up.

If you are selected for a free pair of jeans, let me know so I can spotlight you and your awesome freebie! Thanks Free Sample Freak!


Southwest Pasta Recipe

You might remember seeing a $1 off coupon for cooking creme on my list of freebies, last week. Philadelphia has produced new cooking cremes to add some new flavor to your meals and so I used my coupon to try it for the first time. I found this recipe on their website and tried it out for dinner last week. Overall consensus? Good and easy!
1 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite-size pieces
1/2 cup chopped green peppers
1 can (14.5 oz.) no-salt-added diced tomatoes, drained
1 pkg. (10 oz.) frozen corn
1 tub (10 oz.) Philadelphia Santa Fe Blend Cooking Creme
2 cups hot cooked rotini pasta
1 cup shredded Monterrey jack cheese

1. Cook and stir chicken and peppers in large nonstick skillet on medium-high heat for 6-7 minutes, or until chicken is done. Add tomatoes, corn, and cooking creme; cook and stir 3 minutes.
2. Add cooked pasta and 1/2 cup shredded cheese; cook and stir 1-2 minutes or until cheese is melted.
3. Top with remaining shredded cheese. Remove from heat. Cover;let stand until cheese is melted.

Thanks Philadelphia for the recipe! We are fans of the new cooking creme!


Mega Swagbucks Friday!

Today's Friday which means it's Mega Swagbucks Friday! I wanted to remind those of you who have signed up to make sure you do your searches through Swagbucks today. You can win anywhere from 5-500 when you search on Fridays! If you haven't already read about Swagbucks, click here for all the details. Swagbucks is a great way to earn free gifts and gift cards, just by performing a search, daily poll, or a survey. It's simple to get started and just 450=$5 Amazon Giftcard! If you haven't joined yet, just click here to sign up and you'll receive an automatic 30 Swagbucks once you are registered.


Mar 21, 2011

Decor--Subway Art

This craft is easy and free! I first saw it on a friends blog, where she created hers from scratch off of her Mac. I'm not as talented so I looked online to share one with all of you. All you do is print it on card stock paper and find a picture frame to frame it in. Then you have a piece of decor for the cost of a piece of paper. Cheap and cute! I printed one off for Valentines Day and have a picture of it below. Here is a picture of the Spring Subway Art I printed and put in this beautiful frame.

Click here to download your beautiful Spring Subway Art. Remember to print as an 8x10 and then trim down the sides as needed. Thanks Simple Crafter for the inexpensive Spring decor!

BzzAgent Kit and Sign Up Information

Here is yet, another company that I am thrilled to tell you about! If I had to say which company or organization is my top favorite I will tell you 100 times it is BzzAgent! I truly value my membership with them! What is BzzAgent? I took the next few excerpts, directly from their website, to give you so more information.

"Started in 2001, BzzAgent is the leading social marketing company. We help people find, try and share cool products, services and brands. It's like the recommendations you already share — just easier and more fun.
As a BzzAgent, you join a BzzCampaign to try new products and services from some of the biggest companies around. Share your honest opinions through reviews, Facebook posts, video testimonials and blog posts… however you want. Your participation helps to launch and grow brands!"

Basically BzzAgent is a word-of-mouth company, where you can sample full sized freebies! When you sign up, you'll create an account and a user profile, so the company knows what types of products you are interested in. The great thing about becoming a BzzAgent is that the more you participate the more your status increases. The higher your status is, the more likely and frequently you are to be sent products. But don't worry I received almost half of all my products within the first few months I first signed up!

Here is the latest BzzAgent Kit I received. This is the Smart & Easy Spring Cleaning Kit from SC Johnson BzzCampaign! You may have seen these products listed in my Freebie Friday post, last week.

Seriously, this package made my week! No cost, no shipping, all I have to do is tell my friends and family and write a review. Being a BzzAgent I got to use all of these beautiful products to do my Spring Cleaning last week, and I loved all of them! I already use Pledge to dust and shine all of my wood furniture so I was really happy to get some more. However, I have never used the Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Foam and Toilet Cleaning Gel Kit. I absolutely love these two products! The Shower Foamer works amazing and so are the toilet cleaning gels! They both smell great, which is an added bonus. In fact every time I flush the toilet the water runs over the gel cleaning the toilet and giving it a fresh new scent. My bathroom is so clean and fresh thanks to SC Johnson. Last but not least, my favorite, candles and air fresheners. The glade plug in is a fresh spring scent and now my whole bedroom smells nice and clean. As far as the limited edition spring candle, you have got to get one of these! I instantly smelled it when I opened my package and I find myself sniffing it whenever I'm nearby it. When I light it, the smell radiates the entire room and my house not only looks fresh but it smells like it too. Thank you BzzAgent & SCJohnson!

Want to see some of the past products they've sent me? Here they are (keep in mind this is a picture of just one. Typically each kit has multiple products and coupons)!

Click here to sign up and become a BzzAgent today. You will not regret getting free products to use in your on yourself and home!

Mar 18, 2011

Beauty Tip-How to Curl Your Hair with a Flat Iron

Here is my first beauty tips post and I'm so excited to share with you a secret I learned! One day in church this girl had the most beautiful curls and when I complimented her she said she used a flat iron. I told her my hair has never held curls and I didn't think it would work. However, I went home and youtubed it so I would be showed step by step. I found the perfect video and for the first time in 20 years my hair held curls! I was so excited and when I get together with my sisters I like to curl their hair using this method. It holds for every type of hair, I guarantee it! As long as you have a thin/narrow flat iron this will work like a charm. Here is the video I followed my first time and  this girl is such a cutie! Try this and share it with your friends, who like me, could never get their curls to hold.

*Tip:  To make you hair look a little bit looser after curling, spray it with hairspray and then tug it downward a bit. This will relax the curl. The next part is optional: Then take about 1/2 to 1 inch of the curled hair (depending on your length of hair) and straighten it out at a slight curve. This will make it have a more relaxed at the end giving it the adorable Kardashian curl that I am obsessed with!

Check out some pictures of me and my adorable younger sisters with their hair, curled with a flat iron. This gives you a good idea of what the curls look like with different colors of hair.

Have any beauty tips you'd like me to try/share? Let me know by email: I'm a girly girl and love beauty, fashion, makeup and tips, so I'd be happy to learn from you!


My Freebie Friday

Here are my freebies form the past two weeks:

  • Spring Cleaning BzzAgent Kit: Full sized Pledge cleaner, Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel and Foaming Bathroom Cleaner, Glade candle *new spring scent and Air Freshener Plug-in, and $38 worth of coupons for Johnson & Johnson products.
  • Free Issue of Family Circle magazine
  • $1 off Philadelphia Cooking Creme coupon
  • $10 Best Buy Gift Card
  • Plaque with quote and stand 
  • $25 Dirty Jo Punsters Gift Certificate
  • Free Pen-shaped Hand Sanitizer
  • $35 worth of coupons booklet
  • Free sample of Chocolate Whey protein mix
  • Free Bag of Tostitos Artisan chips


Free 7 Month Magazine to Parents Magazine

For all my friends expecting or with little ones, be excited about this freebie. Click here to sign up for a free 7 month subscription to Parents magazine. This freebie is provided to you by Parents Magazine and Huggies. You'll just need to provide your name, shipping address, email, babies birth date, and the hospital name to verify you are a parent.


Mega Swagbucks Friday!

Today's Friday which means it's Mega Swagbucks Friday! I wanted to remind those of you who have signed up to make sure you do your searches through Swagbucks today. You can win anywhere from 5-500 when you search on Fridays! If you haven't already read about Swagbucks, click here for all the details. Swagbucks is a great way to earn free gifts and gift cards, just by performing a search, daily poll, or a survey. It's simple to get started and just 450=$5 Amazon Giftcard! If you haven't joined yet, just click here to sign up and you'll receive an automatic 30 Swagbucks once you are registered.

Mar 16, 2011

Wild West Pizza Recipe

One of my Freebies this year, was a calendar from Pillsbury. Included were 12 different recipe cards. I decided to try one of the dinner recipes and share it with you. This meal is different, fun, and very filling! I have included ingredients and directions below but you can click here to print the directions from the website.

Wild West Pizza

1 can (13.8 oz) Pillsbury refrigerated classic pizza crust
1/2 lb lean ground beef (I used turkey and it tasted great! *Healthy alternative)
1/4teaspoon salt
1/8teaspoon pepper
1can (16 oz) refried beans
1cup taco sauce or chunky-style salsa
1can (11 oz) whole kernel corn with red and green peppers, well drained
1cup shredded Cheddar cheese (4 oz)
2cups shredded lettuce
1medium tomato, chopped (3/4 cup)
1/2cup sliced green onions

Heat oven to 400°F. Spray large cookie sheet with cooking spray. Unroll dough; place on cookie sheet. Starting at center, press out dough into 14x12-inch rectangle. Bake 8 to 10 minutes or until edges of crust begin to brown.

Meanwhile, in 8-inch skillet, cook ground beef or ground turkey, sprinkled with salt and pepper over medium-high heat, stirring frequently, until thoroughly cooked; drain.

Spread refried beans evenly over partially baked crust. Spread 1/2 cup of the taco sauce over beans. Top with ground beef mixture, corn and cheese.

Bake 10 to 14 minutes longer or until crust is golden brown and cheese is melted. Top with lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Cut into squares or wedges; serve with remaining 1/2 cup taco sauce.


$20 off Group Bowling

AMF is great for consistently offering bowling coupons. Up until a few weeks ago I couldn't find a single AMF location in the surrounding UT area. If you live somewhere else you might be luckier! I just posted about the new Provo Beach Resort and the second floor has AMF bowling, which means I can now use coupons to go bowling, yay!

This offer is good for $20 off bowling for 4 or more people. Bowling is $5/per adult + shoe rental so if you have a group of 4 you'll only pay for the shoe rental. That's a great deal for a cheap date night!

Click here to sign up and print your voucher for this great discount.


Provo Beach Resort Review

Attention all my Utah county friends! Utah county has a new source of fun and amusement in the Riverwoods Shopping Mall. I saw the Provo Beach Resort in a magazine advertisement and wanted to see what it is all about. We went with another couple so I could get a good idea to review it well or not. Well we absolutely loved it! I couldn't believe how much there was to do. Here are some of the activities:
  • Indoor surfing & Hot tub
  • Ropes Course
  • Miniature Croquet
  • Bowling and children's sized bowling
  • Arcade
  • Large TV areas
  • Food & Concessions
  • Interactive Golf
  • Spa
Here's a picture of my friend, Kari and I, playing miniature croquet there. If you haven't been I'd highly suggest going with some friends, a date, or a double date. It's exciting to go somewhere new and so good to get out of the dinner and movie date rut, right? Click here to see the website for a complete list of activities and prices.


Blog Direction

Hey there! Thanks so much to all of those who have been reading and following my blog. It's so exciting to see people on my blog, signing up for items, and saving money! My original take was to offer savings, recipes, coupons, decor tips, and other advice, I'd love to share. Looking over my blog I'm noticing a pattern of just savings, freebies, and samples. While those are all great and amazing I want to include helpful tips, advice, and recipes. So I'm sorry I've been slacking! I'm going to make a greater effort to be diverse but I'll still be posting frequent savings and freebies because they are exciting too. I hope to have at least 1 new recipe a week and hopefully a few other things. Thanks for sticking with me and hope you enjoy the new posts that will be coming soon! :)


Mar 15, 2011

Free Glade Product!

This is a hot freebie but it won't last long, so sign up fast! Glade is giving away a free spring collection product to the first 75,000 people who register. I have the new Glade candle and I can confirm the scent is marvelous! Click here to sign up for your free Glade spring collection item!
A voucher will be sent to you in the mail to redeem the free item. Upon signing up you will be registered for the newsletter & mailer. This is basically a 2-in 1 sign up and gives you the advantage of getting coupons in the mail, in the future. The coupon books usually have at least $25 worth of coupon savings from SC Johnson.

Hurry and sign up!


Earn 1,000 Swagbucks

If you read my previous post about Swagbucks and signed up, here is a great chance to earn 1,000 swagbucks! If you are not familiar with the website, click here to read more information.

Log-in to and you'll see this offer on the homepage. All you have to do is be subscribe for a one month, free trial offer. When you do, you'll be awarded 1,000 swagbucks to your account. Just make sure you sign up through Swagbucks. Offer valid for new Nextflix customers only. Personally, I am in love with Netflix! They have so many different options and pricing. My husband and I access ours through his XBOX and we can watch all our favorite old/recent shows and movies. Netflix is one of our favorite things, so sign up today!

Thanks Coupon Geek!


Mar 14, 2011

Free Sample of Purex with Zout

If you'd like a free sample of Purex Zout laundry detergent, sign up for your free sample today. Laundry detergent samples are great for  trying a new product or on-hand detergent during vacations. Click here to sign up for your free sample and allow up to 12 weeks to receive it. 

Thanks Free Sample Freak!


Groupon-52% off at Solase Massage Spa

Groupon sends frequent deals but this one I had to share with you. Solase Massage is located in Orem, UT and is a great place! My husband and I love Solase here and received our first couples massages there. Solase offers specials, discounts, a friendly and relaxing environment. They are extremely affordable and offer an array of services.

Right now, $49 gives you a 1 hour massage, use of the Oxygen Bar and Massage Chair. This is a great offer valued at $102. I love and promote Solase as much as possible so I hope you'll take the time to reward yourself and relax or reward a loved one.

Here is so more information about the oxygen bar and massage chair:

"Today's deal also gets you 20 minutes at Solase's oxygen bar (a $20 value). Inhaling pure oxygen can be a therapeutic treatment, reducing stress, increasing energy, improving sinus problems, helping fight hangovers, and relaxing the body. Awake your self's more-alert self with a nasal tube of original air-flavored oxygen or select from different scents for a heightened sensation. Unwind from all your reawakening during a 45-minute chair massage (a $20 value). Guests are free to pummel their body with pleasure during one visit, or use this Groupon across multiple visits."

Click here to sign up for Groupon and to get this deal!


Free Shutterfly Photo Book

Shutterfly, maker of photo books and projects, is one of my personal favorites. I've made books for myself and family from them and they are always sentimental and a favorite gift. If you have a birthday, anniversary, or occassion to scrapbook, consider Shutterfly instead.

They are offering a free 8x8 photo book (20 pages)! This offer is good until the 16th, so make sure you allow enough time to plan and create your book by that date. Use the following code at checkout for your free book: R72U-FECU-UKMJ-T2EWFA. Shutterfly is also offering free shipping on $30 orders in case you wanted to order additional products and gifts.



Weight Watchers Ice Cream House Party

If you are new to my blog and haven't heard of House Party, click here to learn all about them. Once you've read it you'll be caught up to speed. For all those you already know what House Party is, here is a new event. Weight Watchers Ice Cream House Party! Yum! The party is scheduled for April 30th and you can start applying now.

If selected as a host you will:
  • Sample delicious Weight Watchers® Ice Cream, like Dark Chocolate Rasberry Ice Cream Bars, creamy Strawberry Smoothie Bars and decadent Ice Cream Candy Bars.
  • Guide your guests in creating an inspiring "feel good" mood board.
  • Educate your guests about small, sensible changes they can make to lead a more satisfying lifestyle
If selected as a host, your FREE party pack will contain:
  • Coupons for free Weight Watchers® Ice Cream
  • Coupons for your guests to save on Weight Watchers® Ice Cream
  • Blank mood boards
  • Mood board stickers
  • Serving tray
  • Drink pitcher
  • Apron
  • Strawberry pens
 Click here to apply now!


Mar 10, 2011

No More Rack: Free Wallet & Designer Handbags!!! Ends Today!!

This is a mega hot freebie!! It ends today but it's not too late to sign up. No More Rack, is a website that offers name brand items for up to 90% off. Right now their current promotion is a Bag Bonanza. Until the end of today (the 10th) you can earn a free XOXO wallet + a free designer handbag. The wallet is available once you have referred 10 friends. Upon registration you'll receive a $10 credit and your own URL to give to your friends. Once you have your URL you can copy and past it on your Facebook status, in an email, on your blog, twitter, etc.Share this URL with your friends so your account shows the number of people you have referred. Just remember you & your friends must register and like NoMoreRack on Facebook.

If you want a free handbag though, you will need to refer more friends. The website offers, XOXO, Nichole Lee, Bebe, Coach, Calvin Klein, Gucci and Louis Vutton handbags for free. Minimum number of sign ups for a free handbag is 20 and the maximum is 860 which earns a Louis Vuitton handbag!!!  There are many options to choose from, so get started, I am! Copy and paste this URL in your web browser to get started:


Mar 7, 2011

Swagbucks--Earn Points to Earn Free Things

I am so excited to introduce Swagbucks to all of you! I discovered Swagbucks this past summer and am still using the website. What is Swagbucks? It is a online program where you earn SwagBucks for participating in daily polls, searches, codes, games, printing and using coupons, etc. Swagbucks can be redeemed for gift cards or prizes! Each day you can perform a search in the Swagbucks search engine for 5-50 swagbucks. Also, there is a daily poll which earns you an additional swagbuck. It only takes a few minutes to visit the website, do a search, and vote on the daily poll. In return you can earn a minimum of 180 swagbucks in 30 days.

I've been slacking a bit lately and haven't been on the site as much but in the past 5-6 months I've earned over 4,000 swagbucks. A few examples of what I can redeem with my 4,000 points:

- $25 gift card to 400 SB
-1 yr Subscription to Seventeen/Elle Magazine: 999 SB
- 2 yr Subscription to Compilation Magazine: 999 SB
-$10 Barnes & Noble Gift Card: 1,250 SB
-$10 Starbucks Gift Card: 1,300 SB
-Rachel Ray Cookbook, Kindle edition: 1,499 SB
-$15 iTunes Gift Card: 1,850 SB
-Black&Decker 3 cup Rice Cooker: 1,999 SB
-$20 Target Gift Card: 2,350 SB
-$25 Amazon Gift Card: 3,150 SB

I think I'd be happy if I redeemed my swagbucks for any one of these free products! I'm saving mine for now because there are some even greater prizes with more points. However, you can redeem any time you would like.

When you sign up, you'll be awarded an automatic 30 swagbucks! Upon signing up you will be asked for some basic information, possibly fill out some surveys for points, and set up your user profile. There are so many incentives to signing up for Swagbucks and ways to earn them. Scroll to the right-hand side or bottom of the page to see the Swagbucks banner. You can click on it to sign up or just go to their website.

I have a list of ways below to earn your maximum amount of SB possible. Also, each Friday is Mega SwagBucks Day! This means your searches can earn 5-500 SB instead of the usual 5-50! Look below for ways to earn SB's once you are signed up:

1. Do a daily search in the Swagbucks search engine. Each search earns 5-50 SB's and on Fridays the odds are increased to 5-500.

2. Download the Swagbucks toolbar and when you log in each morning you will receive 1 Swagbuck. That's 30-31 a month just for logging in.

3. Once you've downloaded the toolbar you will now receive a message each time there is a code worth points.  It's labeled as "From TSG" in the toolbar. The codes only last a few hours, so you have to catch it in time. However, if you do the codes are usually worth about 5-10 swagbucks.

4. Participate in the Daily Polls. It's easy, just vote based on your opinion and you'll receive 1 Swagbuck.

5. Click on Surveys and even if there are no available surveys you will earn 1 swagbuck each day. If you have surveys to complete these can earn 50+ swagbucks, once completed.

6. Recently added to the website are Coupons. They originate from With each coupon you print and redeem you will earn 10 points!

7. Also new to the site, are games and Swagbucks tv. If you play games or enter into tournaments you will be randomly awarded swagbucks. Usually this is after your play 2-3 games in a day. When you watch Swagbucks tv your meter increases. When it reaches 100% you'll earn 5 swagbucks.

These are some of the best ways to earn Swagbucks but you can find more by clicking on the "Earn" tab. Sign up and start earning your Swagbucks!


Cloud Cake Break House Party

 House Party is taking applicants for another party, hosted by Little Debbie. If you like cakes and debbie snacks, then this is the party for you. The party date is April 28th so click here to apply. 

If selected as a host you will:
  • See for yourself how Cloud Cakes instantly put a smile on your face.
  • Spread that smile nationwide through the Million Smile Mission — our effort to make a million people smile.
  • Create your very own Little Debbie Cloud Cake commercial for your chance to win some awesome prizes!
If selected as a host, your FREE party pack will contain:
  • Little Debbie Cloud Cakes
  • Little Debbie napkins
  • Little Debbie Cloud Cake note pads
  • Little Debbie coasters
  • Little Debbie Cloud Cake magnetic photo frames


Free Beauty Bag

I'm home sick today :( On the bright side though, I came across this hot freebie! Click here to sign up for your free Beauty Bag from Target. It will include free samples and $25 worth of coupons!

Thanks Mamas on a Dime!


Mar 4, 2011

Mall Coupons

The weekend is the perfect time to shop and go to the mall. Personally I love going shopping on Saturdays, ahhh! If you plan on shopping this weekend, keep these coupons in mind. The more money you save the more you can spend :)

-Bath and Body Works: Free Travel Size Item with any PurchaseExpires 3/9

-Carters: $10 off $50 purchase
Expires 3/9

-Children's Place: 15% off your purchase
Expires 3/10

- Famous Footwear: 15% off your purchase
Expires 3/12

-Justice: 40% off Your Entire Purchase
Expires 3/15

-Yankee Candle: $15 off your $45 Purchase
Expires 3/20

Enjoy Your Weekend!


Screamin Daily Deal & $50 Quilted Bear Certificate for $24

I've heard of Groupon but Screamin Daily Deals is new to me. They specialize in deals for the Western states. This includes ID, UT, CA, AZ and destination travel locations. Similar to Groupon, they offer 50-90% off deals from your community. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and you'll be alerted of the daily deal in your community. Once you have purchased the deal you will be emailed your certificate by email the following day. Two of the greatest attributes about Screamin Daily Deals?

1. They give 10% of our proceeds back to local school and non-profit organizations! I selected our local High School to support my community and you can sign up for the school or organization of your choice.
2. Share the deal with your friends using Facebook, Twitter, and/or email and when they purchase a deal you will get a $10 credit!

If you'd like to sign up, click on my url:

To all my fellow Utah friends, Screamin Daily Deals is offering a $50 Quilted Bear gift certificate for $24! A 50% savings is a great excuse to visit one of your favorite craft stores ;) The Quilted Bear has unique decor, purses, homemade crafts, scarves, watches, etc. The offer pertains to the Provo location and is limited to 1 per household.


Free Ola Loa Drink Mix Sample

I'm a fan of vitamin drink mixes, so I'm anticipating the product. Ola Loa is giving a free sample of their energy multi-vitamin and sport formula drink mixes. Click here to request your free sample. Once you have filled out the form, check your email to confirm your free sample request.