Mar 16, 2011

Blog Direction

Hey there! Thanks so much to all of those who have been reading and following my blog. It's so exciting to see people on my blog, signing up for items, and saving money! My original take was to offer savings, recipes, coupons, decor tips, and other advice, I'd love to share. Looking over my blog I'm noticing a pattern of just savings, freebies, and samples. While those are all great and amazing I want to include helpful tips, advice, and recipes. So I'm sorry I've been slacking! I'm going to make a greater effort to be diverse but I'll still be posting frequent savings and freebies because they are exciting too. I hope to have at least 1 new recipe a week and hopefully a few other things. Thanks for sticking with me and hope you enjoy the new posts that will be coming soon! :)


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