Mar 21, 2011

BzzAgent Kit and Sign Up Information

Here is yet, another company that I am thrilled to tell you about! If I had to say which company or organization is my top favorite I will tell you 100 times it is BzzAgent! I truly value my membership with them! What is BzzAgent? I took the next few excerpts, directly from their website, to give you so more information.

"Started in 2001, BzzAgent is the leading social marketing company. We help people find, try and share cool products, services and brands. It's like the recommendations you already share — just easier and more fun.
As a BzzAgent, you join a BzzCampaign to try new products and services from some of the biggest companies around. Share your honest opinions through reviews, Facebook posts, video testimonials and blog posts… however you want. Your participation helps to launch and grow brands!"

Basically BzzAgent is a word-of-mouth company, where you can sample full sized freebies! When you sign up, you'll create an account and a user profile, so the company knows what types of products you are interested in. The great thing about becoming a BzzAgent is that the more you participate the more your status increases. The higher your status is, the more likely and frequently you are to be sent products. But don't worry I received almost half of all my products within the first few months I first signed up!

Here is the latest BzzAgent Kit I received. This is the Smart & Easy Spring Cleaning Kit from SC Johnson BzzCampaign! You may have seen these products listed in my Freebie Friday post, last week.

Seriously, this package made my week! No cost, no shipping, all I have to do is tell my friends and family and write a review. Being a BzzAgent I got to use all of these beautiful products to do my Spring Cleaning last week, and I loved all of them! I already use Pledge to dust and shine all of my wood furniture so I was really happy to get some more. However, I have never used the Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Foam and Toilet Cleaning Gel Kit. I absolutely love these two products! The Shower Foamer works amazing and so are the toilet cleaning gels! They both smell great, which is an added bonus. In fact every time I flush the toilet the water runs over the gel cleaning the toilet and giving it a fresh new scent. My bathroom is so clean and fresh thanks to SC Johnson. Last but not least, my favorite, candles and air fresheners. The glade plug in is a fresh spring scent and now my whole bedroom smells nice and clean. As far as the limited edition spring candle, you have got to get one of these! I instantly smelled it when I opened my package and I find myself sniffing it whenever I'm nearby it. When I light it, the smell radiates the entire room and my house not only looks fresh but it smells like it too. Thank you BzzAgent & SCJohnson!

Want to see some of the past products they've sent me? Here they are (keep in mind this is a picture of just one. Typically each kit has multiple products and coupons)!

Click here to sign up and become a BzzAgent today. You will not regret getting free products to use in your on yourself and home!

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