Jan 6, 2011

House Party

I'm so excited to share this amazing website with you! It is called House Party and they specialize in providing people like you and I, free products to host parties with. Cool right? Each event is sponsored by a leading brand and focuses on something cool–like a new product, hit TV show, or great cause–that the sponsor wants its best fans to experience firsthand and share with their friends.  If selected to a House Party you will receive a Party Pack filled with gifts for you and your guests! All they ask in return is that you post pictures of your party on their site and take a follow up survey after your party is over!

Now maybe you're asking how legitimate this is? That is exactly that reason I started my own blog. I've been following some blogs and they are amazing but sometimes they post things that I wouldn't waste my time on or that send so much junk mail to your inbox. This site is extremely legitimate and to prove it I was just selected to host my very first party! I am so thrilled and have already began planning mine. 

To see a complete list of parties coming up and to sign up to host your own parties click on the links.


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