Aug 12, 2011

Be the Chef with Chef Boyardee House Party

House Party has a new party for all of you House Party members. If you're not a member, don't worry. Click here to learn more about House Party and how to sign up. Otherwise, here are all the details on this new "Be the Chef with Chef Boyardee" party (taken from the House Party website):

In the spirit of Hector Boiardi, don your chef’s hat and cook up a deliciously simple meal for your friends and family with the help of Chef Boyardee. You’ll serve quick and easy meals featuring Chef Boyardee that are sure to make dinner memorable. These amazing meal solutions are ready in less than 30 minutes, leaving plenty of time to share special moments around the table and play some great party games with your guests.
Your exclusive Party Pack will contain:
  • Coupons to save on Chef Boyardee
  • Chef Boyardee tote bag
  • Chef hat
  • Chef Boyardee recipe cards
  • Chef Boyardee notepads
 The party date is scheduled for September 24th and spot are limited. So click here to apply! Remember, you can also try and win a  host spot for the party, click here for your chance to win.

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