Apr 25, 2011

House Party-Breakstone's Sour Cream

Here is another, upcoming House Party you can apply for. If you're new to Calissa's Caboodle, click here to read all about House Party. Sadly, this party is not available for Utah residents but is for those who live in any one of the following states: MI, MN, IL, IN, OH, PA, NY, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI, NJ, MD, DC, DE, NC, SC, FL, GA, AL, AR, MO.

If selected as a host you will:
  • See how new BREAKSTONE'S Sour Cream Zesty Blends (Chipotle, Roasted Garlic & Herb, and Jalapeno) and Sour Cream Dips (French Onion, Ranch, Southwest, and Buffalo) together make the party.
  • Give your friends a tour of where Sour Cream Zesty Blends and Dips flavors originated from and discover some interesting facts about them all.
  • Become an Official BREAKSTONE'S Flavor Lover and discover delicious ways to add endless flavor possibilities to your favorite dishes.

If selected as a host, your FREE party pack will contain:
  • Coupons for free BREAKSTONE'S Sour Cream Zesty Blends and Sour Cream Dips
  • Coupons for your guests to save on BREAKSTONE'S Sour Cream Zesty Blends and Sour Cream Dips
  • BREAKSTONE'S Recipe Booklets
  • Flexible Cutting Boards
  • Chip and Dip Tray
  • Spatula

Spaces for this event are limited so click here to sign up now.


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