Apr 27, 2011

Covergirl Review for BzzAgent

I received free make up the past week. You heard it, FREE MAKEUP!!! If you haven't heard of BzzAgent yet, click here to read all about their company. They offer free products as a word of mouth, marketing company. If you haven't already signed up as a BzzAgent, now is a great time.

Last week I received my free Covergirl NatureLuxe foundation and gloss lip balm. I have nothing but love for these products! I'm usually the girl who buys expensive products from MAC but I was willing to give Covergirl a try because I love their LashBlast mascara. Right from the start I noticed the natural smell of the foundation-cucumber like and very relaxing! The biggest difference hit me when I applied the foundation. Wow, so light and fresh!  It didn't feel cake like, like every other foundation I've ever used. I've been skeptical in the past because other products which are light do not provide full coverage but this product does. It feels silky smooth when you apply it and lasts all day. I am most definitely converted to Covergirl NatureLuxe and have stopped using my MAC foundation all together. The gloss lip balm is also a must have too. It is also fresh smelling and provides tint, while moisturising and doesn't leave a sticky residue. It is smooth, which I love. I give these products an A!

Another added bonus is that my BzzAgent Kit included Covergirl coupons to share with friends! So I have two left to give. If you comment on this post with your name and email address I'll share one with you :) If you live locally I can give it to you in person but if you live somewhere else in the US I'll mail it to you the old school way-snail mail.

Thanks Covergirl and BzzAgent for the wonderful product and kit. Sign up today if you'd like to start receiving products for giving your honest opinion like me!


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