Oct 14, 2011

Utah County Readers: Discounted Haunted Forest Tickets!

 Every year my hubby and I enjoy the thrill of Halloween and Haunted Houses! So far, our favorite venue is in American Fork-The Haunted Forest and Psycho Manor. Both last so long compared to other haunted houses and are worth every penny!

When I came across this deal with DailyDeal.com I was thrilled! You can get fast track tickets to both the Haunted Forest and Psycho Manor for $13(weekdays) and $20(weekend). If your schedule allows you to go on the weekdays, why not? It is cheaper! If you want to go on a double date, go on the weekend and you'll still be saving $$. In fact, the website offers $10 for each referral that purchases something. So I referred my husband and he purchased one ticket. Then it automatically gave my account a $10 credit. I used that towards my pass and only paid $10! Total Amount= $30. Regular Price for 2= $50.

These are some great savings and a Haunted House is a great way to get in the Halloween/Fall spirit. Click here to view this same deal. Remember, this deal is only offered for 3 more days!


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