Sep 5, 2011

Possible Free Simply Orange Juice

 At the start of each new month, offers new coupons and at the end these are taken away. Currently, two of the new coupons offered are $1 off Simply Orange & $1 off Simply Limeade (any variety or size). Last week when I went grocery shopping I printed a few of these off (2 printers) and found that the single serving orange juices were discounted from $1.25 to $1.00! If you're local Wal-Mart or grocer is offering this deal, you can get a free orange juice and limeade. Or on the flip side you could get a regular sized orange juice jug for $1 off. Either way you're getting something for free or getting a great discount.

Click here to go to and "clip" the coupon you'd like to print. After a simple and fast download of the coupon printer you'll be able to print your current and future coupons in a breeze. Happy savings!


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