Aug 19, 2011

Cinemark Newsletter = Weekly Concession Coupons!

 So, you know when you show up to a movie early because your husband loves the previews and has to get a good seat??? Okay that's just me, haha. Luckily, something good came of waiting extra early for the movie to start. Cinemark movie theater advertises signing up for their newsletter to receive weekly concession coupons. So of course I had to try it out and see if it was worth sharing. The good news is, it is totally worth sharing!

If you live near Cinemark and attend the movies at least a few times throughout the year, signing up for their newsletter is worth it. I would still suggest sending the newsletter to an email address you don't mind getting a emails to, just so you're inbox isn't overwhelmed. They'll send 3 emails at the start of each week, all for a coupon to the most common movie theaters you attend. Last weeks' coupon offered a free medium fountain drink with any size popcorn purchase. All you have to do is print the coupon from your email and redeem at your chosen theaters' concession stand. Click here to sign up for the newsletter, to start receiving your weekly coupons!


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