Jun 10, 2011

Bountiful Baskets

A few weeks ago my husband and I tried a new approach to buying produce. Instead of purchasing produce via the super market, we bought ours through Bountiful Baskets. For just $15 you'll receive about $50 worth of fresh produce and believe me the stuff tastes better! While you do not select the produce, you are given a great array of both fruits and vegetables. We enjoyed this because it exposed us to fruits and vegetables that we don't normally purchase, but still enjoy.

Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op is held every Saturday but you sign up on Monday. Once you've selected your preferred pick up location, signed up and paid, you'll receive a receipt. Then, on Saturday, you'll go to the location you've selected and pick up your produce. Here is our basket of produce we got-

Bountiful Baskets is now offering organic baskets as well! Additionally, they offer additional products like 9 grain bread and various other types of produce that you can add onto your basket purchase. Just bring a laundry basket or a box to store all your produce. I'm happy to let you know that this organization is within Utah and outside of it as well, for all my out of state followers and readers! To see the location nearest you, click here.

Hope you enjoy this as much as my family has!


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