May 13, 2011

Free Zone Bar

When you like ZonePerfect on Facebook, you'll get a free ZoneBar and 3 to share with the friends of your choice. Click here to fill out the form and allow 3-4 weeks

Thanks Mamas on a Dime!



  1. Thank you for this site! I LOVE Garnier's shampoo so I was glad to get a free shampoo. ;)I will use your site as often as I can- I don't have a printer right now so I cannot print coupons. :( But I'm glad you set this up!!!

  2. Your Welcome! I'm so glad you enjoy the posts as much as I do :) If you don't have a printer right now, you could always try copy and pasting the image and saving it in a word docuemnt, so you can print it later. Just an idea that might work! Thanks for visiting Calissa's Caboodle!