May 17, 2011

Free Tide Stain Release Facebook Offer- 5/17

When I first heard about the free Tide Stain Release offer a few weeks ago, I was always too late to get a free sample! Over the weekend I was on Facebook and saw on my newsfeed that they were giving them away again. I literally signed up within 5 minutes of the post and got mine! I didn't have enough time to post to let you all now but I saw on their Facebook page that they are giving away another round tonight!

First, "like" the Tide Stain Release Facebook page. Then, at 8 pm EST go back to the page. Make sure you are ready as soon as it starts, so you don't miss out. Fill out the form and then you'll receive your 10 count pack of Tide Stain Release within a few weeks!

Good luck! If you don't get this round, you can always sign up for ones later this week! They announce the next sign up for samples on their Facebook page, in case you don't get it tonight.


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