May 18, 2011

Free Music-Pandora Radio

If you're looking for a great music resource, than Pandora radio is it! Pandora is a online radio, personalized just for you! Select a song/artist you like and then the system selects songs and artists similar to what you've selected. This = your radio station. Click here to get started. You'll just sign up and start listening to music for free!

If you come across a song you don't like, just give it the "thumbs down" and Pandora won't play it again. If you really like the song give it a "thumbs up" and it will play it and songs like it, more often. Also, if you have a smartphone, Pandora is a free app so you can access your radio via phone! This is as lifesaver at the gym when I forget my ipod at home! I'm sure you'll find numerous reasons to start using Pandora once you get started.


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