Apr 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day! -Free Offers

Happy Earth Day! Today there are several companies offering free products and promotions if you recycle old products. Thanks to Free Sample Freak I have a complete list of the freebies listed below. I'm not the best at "going green" but I'm making more and more efforts. Here are a few steps towards going green that I've done that are easy and you can do too:

1. Reuse plastic bags from grocery shopping trips. They make great trash bags for small trash cans (bathroom, bedroom), great for packing cushion-instead of using packing bubbles, or to pack your lunch in.

2. Recycle your trash bags at the store. I've noticed that Wal-Mart has a large bin at the front, where you can recycle old bags. This is great instead of just throwing yours away!

3. Buy reusable grocery bags. At Wal-Mart and other stores they can be purchased for $1-2 dollars and will reduce the amount of trash bags you have stored around the house or throw away.

4. Buy a personal water bottle for everyone in your house, instead of buying plastic water bottles throughout the week. Not only will you eliminate plastic production but trash as well. This is also a great way to make sure you are staying hydrated each day :)

5. Buy energy efficient bulbs. They may be more expensive up front but they last so much longer. We haven't changed a single bulb in over 6 months and you'll find you'll save on your utility bill!

The following are taken from Free Sample Freak's blog. Thank you!

As always supplies will be limited on certain freebies, please call your local stores before heading out to make sure that they are participating in these promotions.


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