Mar 2, 2011

House Party--Ultimate Sandwhich Makeover

House Party has another event, this time, hosted by Kraft. This party is the Ultimate Sanwhich Makeover, showcasing the latest sandwhich products, to spice up your ol' sandwhiches.

If selected as a host you will:
  • Lead your guests in the first-ever, national Ultimate Sandwich Makeover.
  • Show your guests how they can prepare restaurant-inspired sandwiches that are customized to their tastes!
  • Help everyone create their own delicious sandwich recipes and design lunch menus for the week, plus so much more.
If selected as a host, your FREE party pack will contain:

For Host
  • 2 Bottles of KRAFT SANDWICH SHOP Mayo
  • 5 OSCAR MAYER CARVING BOARD Meats gratuity coupons
  • 2 KRAFT Natural Cheese Big Slice gratuity coupons
  • 1 branded sandwich container
For Host and Guests
  • 16 recipe booklets with coupons for OSCAR MAYER CARVING BOARD Meats, KRAFT Natural Cheese Big Slice, and KRAFT SANDWICH SHOP Mayo
  • 16 branded recyclable lunchbags
This event is dated for April 16th so click here to sign up and apply!


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